Post-2015 Workshop on Delphi Survey Questionnaire in Bangkok, Thailand

During the post-2015 workshop on Delphi survey questionnaire held on 23-24 March 2014, SEAMEO College PMO team provided assistance to SEAMES in terms of documentation and facilitation in one of the sessions. The workshop brought about essential key information which will help define specific post-2015 actions which SEAMEO College, in particular for Module 1, which will need to be taken into account in designing the provisional programme agenda for the SDEM.

Additionally, review on the outputs which included the refinement of the short and long-term recommendations for the future of education in Southeast Asia categorized according to the elements of educational system, as well as mechanisms how to pursue the recommendation at regional level became more apparent and will be very valuable in the conceptualization and in the conduct of Module 1 as SEAMEO INNOTECH and SEAMEO College PMO under the guidance of SEAMES, prepare the plan for Module 1.