SEAMEO Centres: Contributing to the implementation of the Project, the SEAMEO Centres provide expertise, institutional networking, knowledge and information to the SEAMEO Centre and to each other, through participation in collaborative projects, secondment or cross-posting of their project officers to the PMO, inter-Centre mentoring, training and workshops. They undertake collaborative research and training with other Centres and assist in promoting the SEAMEO College and its programmes.

Lead SEAMEO Centres: In collaboration with PMO, selected lead SEAMEO Centres play a key role in the implementation of the modules. These include, but are not limited to, detailed designed and planning of the modules, identification of resource persons and consultants, provision of administrative and management support in relation to modules implementation, management of modules financial expenditures and reports as well as set-up and ensuring sustainability of each module.

Donors: The Asian Development Bank supports the preparation of the SEAMEO College, under R-S-PATA 7959: Regional Technical Assistance to Support ASEAN Leaders Forum on HRD for an Integrated ASEAN Community. By supporting the promotion of regional dialogue and cooperation among ASEAN members and key stakeholders in education and HRD, the TA is aligned with the objective of ADB’s Regional Cooperation and Integration Strategy.