SEAMEO College Project Management Committee Meeting and
SEAMEO Workshop on the Development of the 2035 Education Agenda Roadmap

30‐31 May 2016
The Suite I‐II, 3rd Floor, Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand

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SEAMEO College is a very distinct and unique regional platform of education. It differs from any other collegial body, academy, or “brick and mortar” institution. SEAMEO College promotes education innovation not just in terms of curricula, teaching and learning methods, and new educational technologies, but as a virtual college organized around education leaders which promotes and integrates “indigenous wisdom and talent” into the collective knowledge, expertise, and institutional resources of SEAMEO Centres. SEAMEO College is animated by generative dialogues for accelerating learning and innovation on trans-boundary education human resources and development particular to the ASEAN Community.

Chiefly, SEAMEO College will fulfill the need for a kind of regional institution to specifically supplement the need for support systems of Education Ministers to scientifically anticipate and study trans-national issues and threats, as well as to conduct policy studies on trans-boundary and cross-cutting education/human resources and development (HRD) issues.

SEAMEO College consists of distinctive components which operate through: 1) a series of forums or four modules; 2) research and development activities; and 3) strengthening of human and technological capacities and connectivity across SEAMEO Centres. These components address specific challenges confronting ministers, high-level education leaders, practitioners and youth leaders in Southeast Asia and the world through human resource development.

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Vuang Tau City Hosts Education Leaders’ Forum

VUANG TAU CITY, VIETNAM—On 2-4 March 2016, the Education Leaders’ Innovation Forum (ELIF) was held at the Palace Hotel in Vuang Tau City.